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Nov 27, 2012 3:00am PST
john mccain and lindsey graham and a couple of other senators and try to explain herself. she shouldn't have to do that. i think it is embarrassing. kevin is calling from chicago. what do you think kevin? >> caller: hey, how do youing, bill? >> bill: good to hear from you. >> caller: if they were a legitimate news organization, wouldn't you go with the fact -- take whatever your guest says and you go with it. but since everybody knows they're the mouthpiece of the republicans, i find it amusing that they're so inept they don't even see what their guest is going to say. it is like how dumb are they? it just reinforcing the bumper sticker on my car as i drive to work this morning. fox news, the more you watch the less you know. >> bill: i like that! send me one. where did you get it? kevin, it let me tell you doing a lot of tv, making a living at it. whenever you're a guest on program like that, they do what's called a preinterview. they don't tell you the questions they're going to ask but they're going to say here's the topic we're going to cover. now what do you think? some s
Nov 28, 2012 3:00am PST
to figure out why john mccain and lindsey graham are so busy attacking susan rice. well maybe it's because -- think about this, if the president can't appoint susan rice, then he would have to appoint john kerry and that would open up a massachusetts senate seat for scott brown. so it could all be a way of getting back another republican in the united states senate. don't know for sure. just sayin'. all right. we'll look into that and a whole lot more here but first standing by with today's current news update, lisa ferguson in los angeles. hi lisa. take it away. >> hey bill, thanks. good morning everyone. as president heads to meet with leaders of the business world this afternoon politico is reporting that john boehner and his leadership team are making plans to meet with some of these very same executives. now the irony here is that obama and boehner still have no plans to meet themselves face-to-face. the two did meet before congress' thanksgiving recess along with the other two three members of the house and the senate. they had plans to meet again this week but still nothing
Nov 29, 2012 3:00am PST
. and following getting hammered after she met with john mccain and lindsey graham, of course, yesterday susan collins of all people came out. when you lose susan collins -- >> you've got a problem. it is no is surprise that john mccain lindsey graham and kelly ayotte would come out strong against susan rice and say essentially that they would try to block her confirmation if her nomination happens. it is much more of a surprise to hear susan collins referred to on capitol hill as one of the moderate republicans who is gettable on big votes like this. instead, what we heard is susan collins saying no, i'm not won over yet. you need to explain more about what happened both in benghazi and what happened in the aftermath of benghazi and that is a real problem. yesterday, we were talking about this earlier but yesterday was the first time that i heard democrats on the hill and we can ask senator about this but the first time we heard them say whoa, we don't think we have the votes to confirm sunnies a rice if we -- susan rice if we lose susan collins and other republicans like her. >> bill:
Nov 26, 2012 3:00am PST
you look everybody is saying it, john boehner, mitch mcconnell peter king lindsay graham, on and on and on. all of these republicans coming out and saying we agree, you can't do it by spending cuts alone. you have got to raise revenues and we're on board, and we're willing to break the grover norquist pledge. these guys have totally recognized the american people agree with obama, and so therefore they are going to change their ways. here is my advise to all of you, all right. don't believe it. this is a con game. this is a shell game that the republicans are playing. let's listen to some of the voices. here for example is saxby channedless. it's valid now but times have changed significantly. and i care more about this country than i do about a 20-year old pledge. >> bill: oh, yeah. he is setting himself up there as oh, man, i love my country, more than i love grover norquist. peter king yesterday. >> i agree entirely, a pledge you signed 18 years ago is for that congress. if i were in congress in 1841 i would have signed the declaration of war against japan, but i'm not going to g
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4